We have been in business doing V8 Conversions for 14 years, so we know how to convert V6 and V8 engines in and make them smog legal. The main vehicles that we put V6's and V8's in are Toyota trucks and Land Cruisers, but we have also done S10 and Jeeps. We have not found a conversion that we can't do yet, as long as there is room.

This is what we have done that NO ONE that we know of has done, and I was told by lots of shop this CAN"T be done; we put a Fuel Injected smog legal 350 Chevy in a 1980 Toyota 4X4 truck with NO CUTTING of the core support and we DIDN'T BEAT the fire wall in. We know  that if you cut your truck it will make it weak, and you need it as strong as you can get it when you are pumping 2 to 4 times the H.P that the stock engine had. We also know you want it as stable as you can get it or it will twist your truck.

We are one of the only places that will do an engine conversion on a Toyota truck, because of the lack of room in the engine compartment. We have NO problems with over heating, or any other problems that other shops might have because we test all of our conversion to make sure. You can also have your truck shipped to us to have your conversion done if you don't live close, or if it is  in parts and you can drive it home when we are done. Here at V8Conversions we can do everything to your truck: we can have it painted, lifted, tires and wheels, upholstery, and the engine conversion done. All you have to do is turn the key and drive away. We pride ourselves on doing the best job  in the V8Conversion world. We do the best job for the best price. You might find a shop that will do your conversion cheaper, but we know it won't be better. We know this for a fact, because we have seen many of the conversions out there, and if that was my truck, they would need to pay me to take it.

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