Here at Gold Coast 4x4 and V8Conversions, we specialize in V8 and V6 conversions. We can build your truck engine or we can sell you the parts and adapters you need so you can do it yourself. We will build your truck for what you'd want to use it for, such as Towing, 4wheeling, Off-Road excursions, and so on. We can build it as heavy duty as you want as well. When we build a truck, we don't always need to use adapters. We use Chevy Engine, Transmission and Transfer case and a cut down Chevy rear end.  When we do an engine conversion we DO NOT cut any part of your truck or car, and we DO NOT beat in your fire wall. It will fit, and we don't believe that the bigger the hammer the better the tool.
Most of the conversions that we do are Toyota trucks and Land cruisers, but we do other cars and trucks as well. We also sell all of the parts so you can do the conversion yourself. If you buy the parts from us we will be happy to show you the correct way to do the conversion .

We are the Only shop that specializes in 100% smog legal V8 Conversions, and we can build your car or truck to be smog legal in all 50 states. We can convert almost anything, and keep it Smog Legal. We sell parts for V8 Conversions, build Custom Differentials, and install Superchargers, and lifting kits on all cars. For specific questions please Call or E-Mail Us.

We specialize in V8 and V6 Conversions, as well as Parts and Adapters, Toyota PickUps, 4 Runners, Land Cruisers, Jeeps, S10, S5. We also do Turn Key Conversions, Straight Axle Swaps, and Custom Fabrications.

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